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The State Of Social Impact In The Face Of Economic Uncertainty

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The State Of Social Impact In The Face Of Economic Uncertainty

In this August 17 webinar, Mandy Norman, Director of Development & Marketing at the Coral Reef Alliance, Matthew Parvis, Co-Founder & CEO at Fresh Clean Tees, and Ronny Sage, Founder & CEO at ShoppingGives, deliver cutting-edge research and relevant third-party insights on the state of social impact, as well as share their firsthand experiences with impact marketing.

The tactical examples and research shared will serve as inspiration for cause partnerships and impact initiatives, as well as provide insights into overcoming internal debates around impact marketing.


Mandy Norman

Mandy Norman

Director, Development & Marketing, Coral Reef Alliance

Mandy Norman is a professional and dedicated ocean enthusiast with an impressive track record in fundraising and leadership. At CORAL, Mandy plays a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s mission through her expertise in strategic relationship building, communications, and the implementation of diverse funding strategies. Mandy’s dedicated team is responsible for the stewardship of donors, funders, corporate partners, and ocean-lovers across the globe by telling the stories of our work and impact. Her meticulous approach ensures that CORAL is well-positioned to sustain and grow, making a lasting impact on ocean conservation.

matthew parvis

Matthew Parvis

Co-Founder & CEO, Fresh Clean Threads

Matthew Parvis is the Co-Founder & CEO of Fresh Clean Threads, an apparel company that curates the best-fitting premium t-shirts and basics. With a strong background in marketing and content strategy, Matthew previously served as the Chief Creative Officer for one of the world’s largest affiliate marketing firms. Driven by his passion for sustainability, Matthew has a goal for Fresh Clean Threads to become a sustainable apparel company that doesn’t pass on the cost of sustainability to customers. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Matthew is an avid golfer with a passion for wine and travel, and resides in San Diego with his wife and their son, Frankie.  

Ronny ShoppingGives

Ronny Sage

CEO, ShoppingGives

Ronny Sage is the founder and CEO of ShoppingGives, an impact-driven technology in Chicago. His best work involves bringing people together, making connections, and inspiring innovation. Before making a move from intrepreneur to entrepreneur, he served as a digital strategy leader at a top national agency, working with Fortune 500 retailers and executives to develop and execute digital strategies that maximize investments.