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Peace Builders - Microsoft, Minecraft Education, Games For Change & The Nobel Peace Center

To engage youth with digital content both inside and outside the classroom, the Nobel Peace Center partnered with Minecraft: Education Edition to develop Peace Builders, a game-based learning experience that aims to inspire young people to learn about peace-building and conflict mitigation. The partnership was supported by the nonprofit Games for Change. As the world’s largest community dedicated to the intersection of games and social impact, Games for Change supports cross-sector collaboration between the games industry and leading organizations in the learning and social impact space.

The project features four Nobel laureates who rose from humble beginnings to make an impact on peace and democracy and is designed to show that anyone can make a difference in the world. It represents the first time the Nobel Peace Prize is part of a gaming activation of this scale.


Peace Builders was created to inspire young people to build a better world by bringing the stories of Nobel Peace Prize laureates to a young worldwide audience on a platform they know and love. Through this game-based learning experience in Minecraft, players discovered ways to mitigate conflict, build peace, and bring about positive change in the world.


The game was simultaneously released on Minecraft Bedrock and Education, translated into 29 languages, and made available to educators through our community channels. To support the implementation of the game in the classroom, “live lessons” were offered for teachers in many countries and states.

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Minecraft, the world’s most popular game, allowed the team to tap into a very large and engaged existing community – making it a strong partner and platform for impact. The content and partnership were promoted across Minecraft’s social media channels (both Minecraft and Minecraft Education).

A small paid social campaign boosted engagement in the content during the Back to School timeframe in late August/early September.

The content was also promoted across other Minecraft Education channels, including a monthly newsletter for educators, website and blog, YouTube channel and community channels. Additionally, the game and partnership were promoted across Games for Change’s and Nobel Peace Center’s social channels.


Peacebuilders surpassed the expected 1 million downloads, racking up 1.5 million downloads. Players spent more than expected time with the Peacebuilders program, with tens of thousands of youth attending live lessons. The game also received positive attention from global media and the gaming press, showing its effectiveness in educating and inspiring players to act for peace.