2023 Demo Day

The 2023 Demo Day gives you and your organization the opportunity to learn about both tools to grow your corporate social impact AND peer-to-peer fundraising solutions. During each session, you will experience quick demonstrations of technologies that could make a positive impact on your program performance.

Access to the demos is free!


Designed for CSR professionals

Are you looking to improve engagement around your CSR initiatives? We’ll show you how Charity Miles activates three obvious, but usually overlooked, principles of behavior science to help you increase engagement around your CSR initiatives, and most importantly weave your CSR values into your company’s culture.

Charity Miles is a fun, easy way to improve employee well-being and engagement in your CSR initiatives. We help hundreds of the world’s top companies exercise their CSR values by sponsoring employees to get moving for charity. We are regularly featured as one of the top health and fitness apps, and the most-downloaded charity app, with over 70,000 five-star reviews.  

Yes, we can help you do a “step challenge” for charity. But we go beyond simple step-tracking and “gamification”, instead focusing on storytelling and inclusivity to make CSR-engagement easy, meaningful and part of your culture

Learn more at www.charitymiles.org.

Designed for CSR professionals

Are you responsible for building a company culture centered on social impact? Join us for a live demo of CSRconnect, an employee engagement solution built to foster a company culture of social impact through a wide range of features that goes beyond the basics of transactional giving and volunteering programs. With CSRconnect, you’ll be able to:

–   Make accessing your programs easy with mobile-responsive technology and multiple login options. 
–   Drive diversity and inclusion and connect employees with similar interests with Groups functionality.
–   Grow participation with features like Engagement Elements, peer-to-peer fundraising, gamification, and incentives.
–   Personalize the experience with skills profiles, favorite charities, giving history, and board matching.  And much more!

YourCause from Blackbaud is the leading global provider of software and related services designed specifically for corporate social responsibility organizations through our CSRconnect and GrantsConnect products. Our products and services enable these organizations to increase donations, employee engagement, and the impact of grant dollars.

Learn more at www.yourcause.com.

Designed for CSR professionals

Are you ready to find out how to significantly boost the participation of your CSR programs while also improving employee retention? With WeSpire, you can engage employees in CSR initiatives like giving and volunteering, as well as DEIB, Sustainability and Employee Wellbeing. In this demo, we’ll show you how WeSpire’s 350+ ready-to-launch programs and easy-to-use engagement tools can quickly jumpstart your efforts.

WeSpire, a Bonterra solution, is an employee impact technology platform that empowers CSR, DEIB, & ESG teams to quickly design, run and measure their purpose-driven employee impact initiatives.

Learn more at www.wespire.com.

Designed for a nonprofit audience 

Are you starting a first-year golf tournament or carrying on a longstanding tradition, new to organizing a golf outing or a veteran event planner? The right technology is crucial to a successful event. GolfStatus streamlines the process to save time, attract golfers and sponsors, securely collect participant information, fundraise and showcase your cause or brand positively and professionally. Join our demo to learn how!

GolfStatus helps nonprofits leverage golf’s giving power to raise more dollars, engage supporters and do more good. Its robust golf event management platform streamlines tournaments to save time and help raise more money. Through the Golf for Good program, this powerful technology and industry-leading support is available to qualifying nonprofits and events benefiting them at no cost.

Learn more at www.GolfStatus.org.


Ready to crush your supporter acquisition goals, boost stewardship and engagement, and level up your mission impact? Join our demo to learn how the DonorDrive enterprise digital fundraising solution can help build meaningful supporter experiences with peer-to-peer fundraising events, individual giving campaigns, native mobile app, and award-winning Salesforce integration.

DonorDrive is an enterprise-level fundraising platform designed to go beyond the transaction and guide fundraisers through an engaging experience, helping them crush their goals and fuel your mission.

Learn more at www.donordrive.com.

Looking for an easy way to add activity tracking to your peer-to-peer campaign?
Blackbaud will take you on a tour of their newest TeamRaiser feature, Good Move. Good Move is a mobile first activity-tracking and fundraising app that gamifies participant experience and increases engagement to help you raise more.

Blackbaud creates software that helps nonprofits with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing campaigns, fundraising, finance and accounting, and analytics.

Learn more at www.blackbaud.com.

Are you looking to add automated text messaging at scale for participant journeys and local events? You’ll see how a text message participant welcome series and coaching/countdown series can be set up once — and then automated and delivered at scale to reach participants across local events at the right time. You’ll also learn when to use multimedia texts and how to create different text message journeys for captains and team members.

Since 2007, organizations have used Tatango’s best-in-class software to create meaningful text message conversations with donors, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars being fundraised. Made to serve the needs of high-volume senders, Tatango’s easy-to-use technology ensures that every client has the features and functionality to fully realize the power of text messaging within their organization and maximize their fundraising results.

Learn more at www.tatango.com.

Does your P2P platform give you fits or just frustrations?
What if your next P2P platform was designed with your input, with better ways to manage teams, merchandise, discounts and promotions? And with integrated messaging tools for email, SMS, and marketing automation? And what if that all integrated with your CRM?  No, it’s not a dream, it’s Engaging Networks! Join our P2P experts for a preview of our P2P3 platform and learn how you can get involved with shaping the future of P2P technology.

Engaging Networks is a leading digital fundraising and advocacy partner for nonprofit organizations. With 20+ years of experience, our digital engagement platform enables nonprofits to drive impactful digital campaigns and maximize fundraising efforts. Trusted by organizations like Humane Society International, Human Rights Campaign, and Amnesty International, Engaging Networks is committed to empowering nonprofits in their mission to create positive change.

Learn more at www.engagingnetworks.net.

Are you responsible for fundraising on social media?
GoodUnited is a marketing automation tool, helping nonprofits acquire leads and grow revenue on social media platforms. Join our demo to learn how to utilize the power of conversational messaging to turn your unnamed followers into lifelong supporters.

GoodUnited is a marketing automation platform for nonprofits to fundraise on social media. We’ll help you connect directly with supporters via 1-to-1 conversations – then turn those conversations into more engagement, more supporters, and more revenue.

Learn more at www.goodunited.io.

Is your organization looking for innovative ways to connect with donor networks that may be out of reach?
Are you searching for a nimble solution to support both your DIY and event peer-to-peer fundraising efforts? In this demo, discover how Classy’s peer-to-peer fundraising tools can help your organization exceed its giving goals and scale your donor community. Designed to facilitate social sharing, competitive leaderboards, modern payment options, customizable pages, and personal storytelling, Classy’s peer-to-peer campaigns are built to capture, convert, and inspire donors to remain committed to your cause for the long term.

Classy, an affiliate of GoFundMe, is a Public Benefit Corporation and giving platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about. Classy’s platform provides powerful and intuitive fundraising tools to convert and retain donors. Since 2011, Classy has helped nonprofits mobilize and empower the world for good by helping them raise over $5 billion. Classy also hosts the Collaborative conference and the Classy Awards to spotlight the innovative work nonprofits are implementing around the globe.

Learn more at www.classy.org.

Looking for a new way to drive one-to-one connection, engagement, and action at scale?
Your non-profit is already working to connect people with your services, raise money for your cause, and mobilize your network of advocates. Texting with Hustle can help to optimize engagement through our easy-to-use platform. Join our demo to see how Hustle allows you to reach out to your communities with messages most relevant to them using SMS, MMS, and video.

Hustle is the leading person-to-person texting platform. We empower organizations to have personal, authentic conversations that build and strengthen relationships and connections with community members. With the addition of Broadcast and video products, Hustle is now the premiere conversational video platform; allowing you to turn text messages into action.

Learn more at www.hustle.com.

Looking to drive positive behaviors that boost the impact of your supporters? At Funraisin, we’re focused on innovative supporter recognition and retention experiences that keep your fundraisers actively engaged and promote year-over-year participation.

Join us as we demonstrate multiple, compelling supporter journeys created with our Visual Builder, used by nonprofit teams around the globe who are tackling crucial missions – from solving worldwide hunger to eradicating cancer. We’ll also showcase some of our easy-to-implement integrations, which include established marketing, CRM, and social platforms that help to level up your marketing automation and donor management while decreasing administration time.

Fundraising for a new era is here. Funraisin’s suite of award-winning digital fundraising capabilities empowers 750+ nonprofit teams across the globe to create unforgettable fundraising experiences that drive results. Having raised 1B+ since launch, Funraisin’s 80+ in-house team of passionate fundraising software professionals are on hand to help your teams achieve new levels of fundraising success.

Learn more at funraisin.co.

Looking to power the next generation of digital fundraisers through livestream?
Tiltify is the leading platform for interactive fundraising. Join us to learn how our unique engagement tools enable fundraisers to raise more than 4x the industry average and how Tiltify is helping causes stay ahead of the curve through live stream, digital, and in-person fundraising events.

Tiltify pioneered the livestream fundraising market, leading creators to raise nearly half a billion dollars for charities worldwide. Seeing the success that fundraisers experienced, Tiltify began re-imagining P2P Fundraising Events, DIY Tools, and Digital Incentives for charities internationally. Tiltify is powering the next generation of digital fundraisers and helping organizations stay ahead of the curve through livestream, digital, and in-person fundraising events.

Learn more at causes.tiltify.com.

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