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Meet America’s Charity Checkout Champions 2023

2023 America's Charity Checkout Champions

In 2022, more than $749 million was raised in the United States by 77 point-of-sale fundraising campaigns that each raised at least $1 million. These programs have raised more than $6.7 billion over three decades.

Dollars raised by these “charity checkout champions” increased 24% from 2020 to 2022, a testament to consumers’ willingness to chip in for a wide variety of good causes in partnership with retailers.

Surprisingly, the number of qualifying programs (77) was nearly the same as in 2020 (76). There was a great deal of change, however, in the list’s composition. This year’s list contains 44 initiatives that showed up in both analyses and 33 new programs that were not on the 2020 tally. Additionally, there were 32 programs from 2020 that did not requalify in 2022. 


This year’s report includes:

  • An overview of point of sale fundraising amidst a changing retail landscape
  • A ranking of this year’s “Charity Checkout Champions,” including amounts raised in 2022 and a comparison to 2020
  • Insights into the importance of integrating POS fundraising into electronic checkout systems
  • How the adoption of round-up offerings played in 2022’s dramatic fundraising growth
  • Strategies retailers and their charitable partners are using to keep fundraising high
  • The top 5 point-of-sale fundraising powerhouses
  • Quotes from point-of-sale fundraising experts
  • The causes raising the most money at point-of-sale
  • Analysis of tactical factors such as “ask amounts”
  • How inflation, employment shortages and the war in Ukraine impacted campaigns
  • Best practices for point-of-sale fundraising
  • Concerns about how issues such as program transparency could impact the field’s future