2023 Best Emergency/Crisis Initiative

Stand With Ukraine All-for-Charity Initiative - Humble Bundle, Razom For Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps & Direct Relief

By combining the sale of games, software, e-books and other digital content with social good, Humble used its platform to highlight Ukrainian citizens’ need for help. It partnered with several charities. Razom for Ukraine provides supplies to Ukraine and amplifies voices of Ukraininans abroad. The International Rescue Committee provides health care, educational materials and encourages self-reliance. The International Medical Corps provides lifesaving healthcare and supplies to families and communities that have lost everything due to conflict, disease and disaster in countries around the world. Direct Relief mobilizes and provides essential medical resources in areas affected by poverty or emergencies. 


Humble quickly created a special All-for-Charity digital content bundle to raise money for this humanitarian crisis. By rallying as many of game, book and software-publishing partners as possible, Humble created bundles of content and sold them, taking every dollar earned and putting it toward Ukraine.

Stand with Ukraine


As soon as Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022, the company sprang to action, believing that a special promotion could drive significant attention to the issue and raise a lot of money. Company leaders began rounding up content partners to create a bundle of books, games and software that would appeal to Humble’s audience. More than 100 digital products were included in the bundle. The Stand With Ukraine bundle event ran from March 18 -25, and raised $20.7 million, 100 percent of which went to the four designated charities.


Social impact is baked into the company’s DNA, with many charitable initiatives undertaken each year. But by the end of this event, Humble had set a new record for funds raised with a single initiative, selling 473,945 bundles, which translated to $20,738,895 raised for the four charities. The campaign also generated 700 press articles with a potential reach of more than 2.7 billion readers over the course of the week-long campaign. On top of that, the Humble team has only 100 employees.