EFG2023 Speaker Resource Page



We’re thrilled you’ll be joining us as a Speaker of the 2023 Engage for Good Conference! This page will serve as your “home base” for all things speaker-related. If you have any questions, please contact Meredith Lakis or Alli Murphy.



Registering for the Conference:
If you are just a speaker, register via this complimentary form.

If you are a speaker whose organization is a Sponsor, register via this complimentary form.

If you are a speaker whose organization is a Nonprofit Supporter or Corporate Supporter, register via this complimentary form.

The registration system does require each attendee to have an account in our EFG database. To check if you have an account in our system, enter your email address in the Existing Member portion of the form and click ‘Forgot Password’. If you do NOT already have an account, you will need to create an account as a new user in order to access this complimentary registration form.

Please Note: Each person has to register using their own username and password (including creating it if they don’t have one) or the person who wants to register them has to have the username and password of the person being registered.  

If you have any registration issues, please email Melissa Montera


For breakout sessions and summits, a strong emphasis should be placed on the process – as opposed to just results – to demonstrate for attendees how a similar effort could be implemented at their organization. Providing tangible resources, such as worksheets or sample materials, is encouraged. 

Please check the conference program for your exact speaking time. 

 All sessions will include a slide deck which should include key takeaways. The branded conference deck is below.

Breakout Sessions

Breakouts are 45 minutes long and must be well choreographed to deliver insights that attendees can leverage in their work, regardless of their cause area. We strongly advise that you build a substantial interactive/discussion component into your session, and we will be looking for directions for that activity in your presentation.

Keynote Sessions

Keynote sessions should be inspirational and provide inside knowledge, lessons learned and/or timely data. We will coordinate a time to do an on-site A/V run-through with you prior to your keynote address to ensure all looks as you expect and so that you may familiarize yourself with the set-up. 

Pre-Conference Summits

You will work closely with us and the summit leaders to create content that blends well with the collegial nature of these gatherings.

Workshop Sessions

Workshop sessions should be designed to provide in-depth, hands-on learning with concrete takeaways for attendees and significant time for group discussion and table work. The total time allotted for a workshop is 2 hours and is positioned as a working lunch. Your session should include ample time for small group discussion among peers and report-outs to the group. 


The conference presentation template is available for download via Dropbox. The presentation includes additional assets (icons, logos, backgrounds) on the last 2 slides for use as you customize your deck.

Submitting your Presentations
Presentations are due Thursday, April 20. Please clearly name your presentation (Speaker/ Company – Session Title) and upload to the “EFG2023 Slide Decks” Dropbox folder.

Are You Planning To Use Video?
Are you planning to use video in your presentation? We need to know and must have it in advance! Please plan to embed your videos into your slide deck and send us a copy of the actual video file. Recommended formats are .avi, ,.mp4 or .mov. Sorry, no internet video will be permitted due to low quality and buffering challenges.


We’d love for you to share the news that you’re a speaker. Find your personalized graphic in the 2023 Speaker Graphics Dropbox folder.

Here’s some suggested copy to make it easy – but feel free to write your own! Please tag @engageforgood and use #EFG@023

I am excited to be speaking at the @EngageForGood 2023 Conference. There is still time for you to register to join me in Atlanta, GA on May 16 – 18, 2023. Visit https://engageforgood.com/conference/ #EFG2023 #SocialImpact #CauseMarketing

Do you work in #SocialImpact, #CSR or #CorporatePartnerships? Come join me at #EFG2023 May 16 – 18, 2023! Looking forward to sharing insights alongside other leaders in the field. Hope to see you there! https://engageforgood.com/conference/ @EngageForGood


Want to win a free pass to #EFG2023 for a colleague?

Share your involvement with the Engage for Good conference between March 8 & 15.

The speaker that receives the most interactions (a combination of likes/comments/shares) will win a complimentary pass for a colleague to join us in May.

To Enter:
1. Email Meredith Lakis to let us know which date you plan to post on LinkedIn.
2. Post your speaker graphic on LinkedIn and tag us @EngageforGood 
***If you do not tag Engage for Good, you will be ineligible***
3. Tell your friends and co-workers to interact!

Final tallies will be pulled at 3:00 pm ET on March 15.